This True & Co. Bra Is Like a Second Skin

  • I have no affiliation with any bra companies or clothing retailers.
  • I’m simply thrilled about this bra I bought — because finding comfortable bras is almost impossible.
  • I don’t typically write articles like this, so I may leave out relevant information, unintentionally.
  • Photos are included for proof of purchase and to show fit, but please consult other websites for a detailed image.
  • To safeguard my sanity, the comments section will be closed for this post.
  • If you only clicked to find out the name of the bra, here it is: True Body V-Neck Bralette by True & Co.
  • Feel free to scroll to the bottom for the positive and negative impressions of the bra. The bulk of this post is about my history with bras.

*Photos show the bra with cup inserts removed.

I bought mine at Nordstrom because they have a good return policy. It’s a size Large, and the color is “Dulce.” It’s not cheap. I paid $49 for mine. But I think (I hope) it’s worth it.

For the last year, during lockdown, I didn’t wear a bra. Even when I went outside, I would wear a loose-fitting top, with nothing underneath. This worked out well, for the most part. But sometimes my breasts felt heavy, and I missed the support of a bra.

I have somewhat large breasts, relative to my body — they fluctuate between a C and D cup, throughout my cycle. And for several years, I’ve been trying to transition away from wire bras, but I keep coming across the same problem: the bralettes or wireless bras I purchase never fit quite right.

During the pandemic, I had limited contact with society, so I didn’t need to worry about how my breasts were presented. What I mean is, in an office environment, it’s difficult to go braless, especially if you have large breasts. And even at social events, depending on your level of activity, braless breasts can be cumbersome.

About a month ago, I experienced something I had never experienced before. I was wearing a loose-fitting 100% cotton top, without a bra, and much to my surprise, the fabric chafed my nipples. And it was really painful!

(I thought of runners whose nipples bleed, but this wasn’t that bad.) The discomfort went away after a day. Still, that experience got me wanting to wear bras again. If only to protect my sensitive skin.

Wire bras are uncomfortable. All of them. Some are more comfortable than others, but if you take a break from wearing one, and then you try wearing them again, you realize how they dig into your skin, even if they’re a perfect fit.

But wire bras are more comfortable than ill-fitting wireless bras. I have a few bralettes from Wacoal, a well-established bra company. After a few hours, the straps begin to dig into my shoulders. Same with various bralettes I bought from Aritzia.

I tried Everlane’s “Tank Bra” too. It has wide straps, but the problem there was the elastic band. It’s too narrow.

So I started looking for a wireless bra with generous straps and a wide elastic band. I think the key with the supportive band is that it shouldn’t act as a separate element in the design. And it should extend several inches below the bust.

I gave this feedback to Everlane, and since then, I’ve seen some new designs in their product line, but they still don’t appear adequate for larger breasts.

I did some research online, and the True Body V-Neck Bralette by True & Co bra showed up in a few recommendation lists. I also saw high praise for the SPANX Bra-llelujah! Unlined Bralette. I bought both, but I decided to return the SPANX bra. The fabric was very soft, but again, the straps and band proved uncomfortable.

The True & Co bra is still fairly new to me, and like any product review, there’s no perfect match for all customers. I just feel compelled to bring attention to this particular bra because it’s unlike anything I’ve worn before.

Here are the positive and negative impressions:

  • Positive — Comfortable all around, including the fit and the fabric
  • Negative — Looks a bit like a uni-boob when paired with a T-shirt
  • Positive — Fabric feels lightweight and breathable
  • Negative — Arrived smelling of synthetic material
  • Positive — Supportive without being too restrictive
  • Negative — Pullover style makes it feel sporty

In my book, the negative impressions pale in comparison to the best feature of this bra: It’s seriously the most comfortable one I have ever worn. By far. I’m not trying to impress people with how my breasts look — I’m more interested in feeling good, and this bra feels amazing.

Writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

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