I watch Kim Min-hee again, playing a version of herself. This time, I turn the volume all the way down.

The film starts with Kim facing away from the camera.

Did the director (and her lover) tell her where to look? Or did he ask the camera crew to catch her profile?

When I watched the film the first time, I loved the dialogue. I’m a sucker for films that unfold through conversations, like Richard Linklater’s Before Sunrise.

But this time, I want to let the subtitles scroll by so I can look at Kim’s face.

Also, who is the man in the park; the man who carries away the protagonist on the beach; the man washing the windows at the seaside hotel?

What is Hong Sang-soo showing us?

My partner hates this kind of film. He says, “Nothing is happening.”

I understand what he means, but I don’t need a lot of action. People fascinate me. Even when there’s just two of them, having a conversation on a park bench.

So while my partner sleeps in on Saturday morning, and the cat sleeps in my lap, I watch On the Beach at Night Alone.

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