I think I understand what you’re saying. I’ll be honest, I’m not adept at talking about race, but its something I’m working on. If you have any good books you can recommend, let me know. I think you and I are pretty much on the same page. I was trying to point out that the unity in Denmark isn’t a great example for us here in America because, for example, where I live in NYC, we have the most culturally diverse population in the world. So, there isn’t a cohesive and unified culture here. I love New York because of its diversity, but the reality is that the communities here are often segregated, and our differences cause tension and conflict. I don’t think Denmark is better than America, and I don’t think America is better than Denmark. But they’re both very different countries with very different histories. Basically, I was trying to defend America by pointing out that our eclectic culture makes unity challenging. But I wasn’t trying to imply that we should hold the status quo. We definitely need to make efforts to embrace multi culturalism. It’s why I live in NYC, instead of a smaller, homogeneous population. Denmark is a beautiful place, but I never felt like it was my home. I didn’t feel Danish enough, having a Hungarian father and being born outside of the country. Anyway, thank you for staying open with your reply.

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