It’s the 35-pound weight, or “one pood” in Russian

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Kettlebells are everywhere these days. The exercise weights are so popular, that when the pandemic hit the US, they sold out immediately.

When I decided to try kettlebells, I bought a 15-pound weight. My partner balked — No, that’s too light for you. And he was right, but he didn’t understand something: I’m scared of weights.

My partner introduced me to kettlebells, about ten years ago. He’s from Russia, and he claims Russians invented the weights. …

Two hours, waiting in line, on a Saturday morning

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9:44 am — “I’m ready,” my partner says. We put our voter registration cards in our wallets, and we don our face masks, and we walk outside.

10:00 am — Early voting center opens its doors.

10:10 am — We are in a line that wraps around the block, twice.

10:11 am — “Are you sure you don’t want to come back during the week?” I ask my partner. He says he has a busy work schedule.

10:12 am — A woman in line ahead of us turns around and shouts, “I think the wait is worth it!” …

The rich history of a divorce mill

If you watch classic cinema, you know “Reno” is code for divorce. And if you watched the AMC series Mad Men, you know Betty Draper took a trip to Reno, at the end of Season 3, for that very reason.

What you may not know, is everything I’m about to share with you, below.

Why Reno?

Between 1900 and 1970, Reno was the Divorce Capital of the World. Nevada’s earlier status as a U.S. territory played a crucial role. With a six-month residency requirement, it was shorter (and faster) than the one-year requirement in other states.

When the Great Depression hit, Nevada saw the divorce industry as a chance to fuel economic growth. The residency requirement dropped to six-weeks, allowing for a “quickie divorce.” …


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