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Melissa Toldy

Cherry, magnolia, Japanese maple, forsythia, tulips, daffodils, flowering quince, and more

clockwise, from top left: magnolia, forsythia & serviceberry, flowering quince, cherry & magnolia, cherry, tulips & daffodils

If you are reading this today, April 16, 2021, and you live in Brooklyn, you need to go to Prospect Park. Like now. Or this weekend. The park is gorgeous. Mesmerizing. Absolutely stunning. I visited the northern part two days ago, and I snapped a bunch of photos on my Google Pixel, but these images barely capture the magnificence of the flowering trees, bushes, and wildflowers.

A few winters ago, in a dark restaurant, I sat across from a friend who confessed the following: She records her schedule in a giant book. As she described the behemoth, with her arms as wide as her placemat, she mimed the shape of her unwieldy planner, looking smitten and secretive, as if she was telling me about an illicit affair.

Not only did my friend track her appointments on paper, she wrote in cursive.

Days later, I opened an old Moleskine of mine, greeted by text in all CAPS, a style I tried out because I disliked my printed…

All women in this yoga class. The instructor, seated on a block, says, “Lunar cycle.” This is code for menstruation. To be on your lunar is to be bleeding, hopefully not through your yoga pants.

In the fifth grade, pencil marks on a large pink eraser. Mandy. This is her home room desk. I sit here for Language Arts. We write notes to each other on the pink eraser. Short notes. We are never in class together, but we see each other at lunch, and on the playground. Mandy is tall and strong. A big girl. We start out with…

Photo by Sven Kucinic on Unsplash

My CBD supplier sent an email a few months back, letting their customers know about the upcoming changes: They would no longer be able to ship any vaping products via FedEx, UPS, or USPS.

We have not figured out a work around at this time, and hemp vapor sales will be limited to local curbside pick up.

Local pick up wouldn’t work for me, though. The shop is located in Austin, TX. I live in New York City. However, the news didn’t pose a real problem for me. I buy edibles from them — gummies — not vape products.


green and purple daikon radish
green and purple daikon radish

I bought these two beautiful radishes at my local farmer’s market this weekend. The purple one is mild and sweet. The green one is spicy.

I remembered seeing the purple one labeled “Daikon Radish,” but I couldn’t remember the name for the green one.

I grabbed my phone, but before I searched for “green radish,” I had another idea.

The other day, I tested Google Lens with photos of trees and flowers I had taken in my neighborhood in Brooklyn.

I was impressed — the app easily identified magnolia trees, cherry blossoms, forsythia bushes, daffodils, white squill flowers, and even…

It’s no secret that female directors have been sidelined and continue to be sidelined in the film industry. Many important women filmmakers are neglected or completely forgotten by film schools and cinema retrospectives.

You can watch 14 hours of coverage on this topic. The British documentarian Mark Cousins put together Women Make Film, a series that features the work of 183 directors, all women. From the dawn of cinema, women have been making movies, but much of their work was never widely distributed.

For these reasons, it’s possible you’ve never heard of Elaine May’s brilliant film, A New Leaf. …

Picture a hand wrapped around a metal pole. On top of that hand is another hand, wrapping its fingers around the first hand, effectively avoiding contact with the pole. Time Out missed this type of subway pole grip — perhaps because it’s unique.

My mother witnessed this particular grip — hand over hand — on a visit to New York City, about five years ago. She was visiting me, and she was watching my hand on the pole, covered by my partner’s hand.

When Mom and I were alone later that day, she said, “That was sweet how he was…

  • I have no affiliation with any bra companies or clothing retailers.
  • I’m simply thrilled about this bra I bought — because finding comfortable bras is almost impossible.
  • I don’t typically write articles like this, so I may leave out relevant information, unintentionally.
  • Photos are included for proof of purchase and to show fit, but please consult other websites for a detailed image.
  • To safeguard my sanity, the comments section will be closed for this post.
  • If you only clicked to find out the name of the bra, here it is: True Body V-Neck Bralette by True & Co.
  • Feel free…

Cullen Hoback spent years making the HBO documentary Q: Into the Storm, in an attempt to identify the person behind the 8chan posts feeding the QAnon frenzy. Spoiler alert: Hoback is fairly confident he figured it out — Q is none other than Ron Watkins, the site’s once-administrator, also known as CodeMonkey.

I don’t care about the identity of Q. And I doubt the followers of Q will accept Ron Watkins as their omnipotent leader. But it was fascinating to watch the people orbiting the conspiracy theory cult.

One such person was Ron Watkins’ father and 8chan’s owner, Jim Watkins…

Melissa Toldy

Writer living in Brooklyn, NY.

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